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Lighting The Way

For the past 8 &1/2 years, I have dedicated my life in pursuit of my craft of photography.  Many moments have been captured, created, and forever burned into my mind and soul.  This has been a blissful journey; one which has a heart, and I am happy to now share these memories from along the way with you all with the launch of this new art storefront!


As artists, we all strive to achieve something greater than ourselves.  For many, this path dictates that we try to break the mold of time, and live beyond our few years on this planet.  For myself, extending my energy out into the world is how the memories of what I have done, the beauty of each of these images, survives and becomes timeless.

With this new online art storefront, I have gone through my career so far and selected what I consider to be my best images through the years I have been practicing lightpainting and other forms of photography.  The marketplace has been organized into collections based on fine-art photography, abstract artwork, lightpaintings, and finally my clothing line of psychedelic lightpainting imagery.  Each of these collections are made up of very specially curated artwork selected by yours truly.


These selected artworks have been carefully chosen, as I have gone through memory lane recalling what images resonated the most with you all, how the images themselves came out, and finally, the memory of each individual moment.  These are tales of power and moments of resonance I am so beyond happy to share with you all.



With all this said, I am pleased to offically launch the brand new!  With over 130 pieces of art and clothing items containing my imagery throughout the years, I am fully satisfied with being able to launch this new endeavor in its fullest entirety!  If you are looking to fill wall space on a new home, gallery, or office my selection of artworks includes many different sizes available to print on paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic.  These timeless artworks will be certain to illuminate your space!

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As I also mentioned above, clothing items are available to purchase!  This newest endeavor of mine has been such a treat, designing each piece from scratch and working in my abstract lightpainting photography designs in ways which extend beyond my knowledge of photography into going into visionary artistic realms.  I am pleased to offer my initial lines of leggings, tops, shirts, and hoodies for all you to wear to your next festival, show, party, or just out and about!


Reaching this point has been quite an honor.  I am very meticulous with my designs, the people I work with, and the companies I choose to produce the materials for my artwork.  Right now, I feel as if I have reached a point where all the right pieces have come together.  This is one of the largest steps I have ever taken, so thank you all for joining me on the journey thus far, and for those of you just coming on, "hi!"  With this all being said, I declare, the brand new to be open!!!


Love you all to the highest levels,


TJ Legler

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